Course G12 – Winter 1972

Above – Full group photo

Meningitis Outbreak

Peter Swanepoel was chosen leader of Uys patrol that year, and he writes how G12 ended up differently in that a meningitis outbreak cut it short just after the start of the long high-Drakensberg hike. ‘We had already set out but were called back, told to walk SLOWLY and sent home with an envelope full of big white pills. What a bummer!’

‘We were given blue felt badges and a poor-you-ous letter, but no course-completion certificates. And rightly so, I feel: A lot can happen on a six day hike in the high Berg in winter! Here’s the letter:’

– tough luck letter from Camp Warden Alan Webster – winter 1972 –

I wonder if I ever got my R3,79? Who’s running the tuckshop account these days?

More about that G12 course here for those interested.


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